Thursday, September 29, 2016

Chapin and Ruth

I saw Mary-Chapin Carpenter last night in a small barroom. Ruth and I saw her on the tour behind the record "A Place in the World." 

Ruth, who smoked, actually met John Jennings before the show and they shared a cigarette. I thought about them both being gone from cancer and I just wished them well in that place that only they know.


I just miss Ruth and John Jennings too but she and he were both alive in those notes and words. Jon Carroll was there too. No ponytail. 


My hair is almost long enough for the ponytail. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Letter to his Wife

"I am blessed above my kind, with another self-a life companion who is part of me-part of my heart and flesh and spirit-and not a fellow pilgrim who lags far behind, or flies ahead, or soars above me. 

Side by side, my darling, we walk the ways of life; and the ray of light that falls upon the one illumines the face of the other; the cloud that darkens the hope of one casts its sable shadow upon the other; and the storms that come will beat upon no single head but both will feel their might and brave their desolation."   Mark Twain