Friday, July 8, 2016


Ruth liked me to read to her. My voice made her sleepy and she liked to sleep, and enjoyed it.

I had insomnia. Very quietly. My whole life. Two different doctors say: "It's a syndrome." So I am not sick right? Yes, you are not sick. OK, doctor, why can't I sleep. The doctor says: "You have a syndrome."

He then said that this particular syndrome manifested itself in insomnia. Apparently, a "syndrome," is/was is not an "illness." Illnesses can be cured and syndromes cannot be cured. OK, so I have been awake only 22 hours and feel asleep. But I have a question before a 20 minute to 2 hour nap.

Did Tom @kvtaam1590 #kvtaam1590 just say that if Mr Sulu had disco balls, from ice skating, and that they are near his stick shift? Someone new is coming out of the closet in a new space movie. Mr Sulu never got out of some other closet. This brings three questions to mind: 

1. If Mr Sulu did come out of the closet in the 1960's would the door slide away or have a door knob?

2. Does Mr Sulu or the new gay trekker(sp?) have a tailor who can tailor around yes, "disco balls."

3. Is someone changing a road sign in New Jersey to blink the word "poo," really news ABC and GMA. All signs in New Jersey mean "poo." All of them. Ask Snookie and spell it out for the one one with the major yabbos. 

OK that was a joke, New Jersey, and my ex-wife from East Orange named Petitioner. OK, but I did see this.

I did.

On 11-1-1975. 

Near where I live now.


I was there last night too. 38 years ago, last night, 1978, Roxy, LA. Saw it there too.



This is the point in the story where Ruth would slap me. I needed it.

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